Issue realated to bracket order in zerodha

Why zerodha has blocked bracket order since last few month, but no such restriction on cover order.

Due to volatility we have stopped, BO has two legs and we have notices due to sudden movements both legs are getting executed and causing an extra position. If you are not concerned with leverage you can check GTT here which is much better than BO as it can carry forwarded.

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@siva What is current leverage for both MIS and CO? & when bracket orders going to resume?

Hola! By any chance any possibility of re-enabling BOs at all? It was for the SL based BO feature that I joined Zerodha in the first place. But it has now been almost 6 months since BOs got blocked. I thought it will be easier to have one broking account to observe and analyse long term trading data. But lack of BO is really crippling me.

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