Issue with BO - GRUH finace

I did BO on GRUH finance Apr-4, Below is my order

My stoploss got hit at 10.5.08 at 604.95

But in charts high for that time is 602.55 ( see below)

Checked nseindia website too, that has also not showing my sl price

Is it mistake of zerodha if yes please revoke my loss, thanks?

Check this answer

your NSE screenshot itself shows high of 606.4, and you are saying your stoploss (604.95) not touched.

You can see the screenshot NSE India time is also mentioned… In fraction of second from profit it hit loss. And someone is manipulating it or some giltch in the software. Which I want to take notice… It can happen to you too… And many others…

This is too much… Better I go with other accounts…

it happens to me and to almost everybody, the solution is keep your stoploss in mind not on platform, be aware of movement of price

i am talking about the same screen shot, check high price in that.

Every trade that gets executed can be verified on NSE. You can do this here:

I have explained in my earlier answer on why not all trades can’t show up on a chart. Your SL is within the price range for the day on the NSE OHLC.

Can't get the logic of BO AND CO ye dekho Phir bolo