Issues in Charts in PI

Hello Experts -

I have installed “Pi” recently. Also I updated the same to latest version. I am trying to use the RSI and Stockastic charts within Pi but facing below issues.

Pls let me know if I need to do some additional settings or there are some issues with the current release.

  1. Trading Candle charts does not get refreshed automatically I am opening the charts with 1M and 5D but it just stays on the last min and does not proceed at all. I tried this for several stocks and with all the possible variations.

  2. the holding tab does not show the LTP for my current holding stocks. Also it does not show my Total P&L. It does not update my Total P&L as per the changes in LTP. This is nicely shown in Kite.

  3. I set up the my default template by removing Volume area, adding RSI and adding Stockastic. But everytime I open a new stock, I see volume area so everytime I need to remove it manually. Also the size of RSI and stockastic gets enlarged which needs to be readjusted manually.

  4. I have added 2 EMAs but it gets disappeared if I use 5M + 1D display option. It comes back if I use daily chart for last 6 months.

Not sure what is happening here. Pls help. Thanks.

  1. Try the END KEY on keyboard, and see if it updates now.