Issues in Create Plus

Hi There,

Thanks for this upgrade (Create Plus). Really it gives lots of flexibility now and we can almost do everything similar to the scanners.

But the negative point is: Renko chart was neither available earlier on scanner, nor it is present now in Create Plus. I am in Ultimate Plan and the only reason for coming to this plan was Renko Chart. I am disappointed with that itself missing from the Create Plus.

I further found that:

  1. Renko is not available in create and update mode of Create Plus where we set the criteria, but it is available in edit parameters section. Even when I set it there, still on backtest it takes the candlestick chart only. I have cross verified the backtest transactions with the candlestick chart in kite.
  2. Earlier (in Basic version), in Lot size we put 1 for 1 lot of any F&O script. But in Create Plus, 1 means 1 only, not 1 Lot. I checked that with BankNifty.

Looks like the testing team had not captured all scenarios while doing the testing or the management was in too hurry to release this buggy feature. Please let me know, if you need me to test the feature for you (with a fee).


Renko is more complicated to manage for these advanced strategies along, and that’s why is still under works, we will update you once its released.

This was corrected, you should not see this after a hard refresh

This backtest might have done while the new contracts and lot size updating might have been taking place, both Create and Create Plus 1 for F&O is 1 lot.
If you re-run the backtests you should see the updated lot sizes.

Thanks for accepting the issues and clarifying on few.