It took 4 trades today, but i selected only 3 trades. how?

hey @Streak

Today i deployed this below strategy using 3 cycles, but when i checked after my work 4 trades i.e, 4 cycle of trades were executed. How is it possible???

need some explanation on this!!!

Thanks in advance

hello @RadheGopal

Do note that the “Daily Strategy Cycle” is applicable only for backtest and will not affect the Live trades, it indicates the number of hypothetical trades you’d like to take in the backtest period in a single day.

However, in Live Deployments, the Strategy cycle is the number of times the strategy will loop itself and look for entries again after an exit. If you have selected a ‘strategy cycle’ of more than one, the strategy will automatically go into the waiting state and look for new entry triggers after the exit from the first trade, this will repeat until the number of ’ Strategy Live For’ days are completed and then the strategy will enter the stopped mode.

Example: If strategy cycle input is 3 and strategy live for input is 30 days, the strategy will take at max 3 trades each day for the next 30 days


To learn more about Strategy Cycle, refer to the link below:

Hope this helps!