ITC expiry expectation

ITC rally will it cool off.

Its continuously rallying.

Any expiry expectation

All stocks will return back to mean.

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ITC broke the resistance of ₹245…
next resistance is at 260₹

CMP is 251.9₹

It can retest at ₹245 before rallying again to 260₹ provided nifty supports…

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I guess it will cool off before expiry. Got to come back given the run it has taken. Anyways, I always have positive hopes with this one <3


We can expect it to cool off before expiry. It’s a trusted one and I don’t think we can ever go wrong with it.

Retested at 248 and now trading at 268 :slight_smile:

Currently trading near a “weak” resistance of 268. If should hover near that area for a few days before reaching 280s levels.

250 seems to be a strong support now.

I agree.

I guess it has formed a new range and seems to be performing well.

i again say, not sure why though


Broke the resistance of 265 on 8th April and retested on 12th April.

Looks like there’s no stopping to ITC :smiley:

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