Itr-3 filing via Quicko for FY21-22?

Last year successfully filed itr-3 ( trading as a business with out tax audit) via Quicko with zerodha data extracted via Quicko.
I was under impression 31st July will be extended to 30th sep.
Just today saw the hue& cry in Twitter of dis functional itr web site. Filing date 31st July 2022 still? @quicko can you confirm we can file itr-3 via Quicko in the next 2 weeks if this shit show does not get extended?
First have to download Form 26as via bank (which is mostly in complete) & more importantly AIS from it website!
Any forum members successful in downloading AIS? I have lot of bank accounts/ fd. Not bothering to ask for interest statement from any bank as e very rupee including sb interest is showing in AIS. Kindly chip in…

Clearly no reason for Extending the due dates.

This is totally false. The new website is total junk but it accepts your JSON files. The same website has been used last year and the same is being used this year without any major modification.

Here also false statement. 26AS contains data relating to Tax Deductions & Payments Only (Also GST Turnover) and the last date for TDS filing was 31st May. There is huge interest and penalty for delayed filing of TDS return so no banks and financial institution will delay filing of TDS Return. Hence there won’t be even a single change in the 26AS generated as of now.

Not facing any issues with AIS. Its just that the trade related information given there is incomplete in case many people.

Better ask for interest certificates as not all banks report the interest. I have seen only some FDs being reported and some left out by the same bank. Also the information reported by banks is false many times.

Thanks for a quick reply.
I was falsley hoping for a extension.
Last year i got interest statement from all banks ( most of them online/ some via email from branch & a few by visiting the home Branch)
My statement about form 26as is total crap is true.
Last year i had fd + sb interest income of rs 7lakhs .only 3 lakhs was showing in form 26as.
since iam a senior citizen .in no bank i have fd interest income exceeding 50000, 60% banks did not bother to report in 26as.But all information to the last rupee
sb interest was in AIS.
So now I treat AIS is the only relevant doc.

Till fy2019-20 all these years was filing itr-1. No speculation or long term investment. Last year FY20-21, i half heartedly tried in it web site but filed itr-3 via Quicko .apart from zerodha data ,i uploaded incomplete 26as+ complete AiS. Successfully filed& even got refund.
Did no aadhar/online verification ( though I have numerous banks accounts with online banking) sent physical itr-v to Bangalore same way I have filed itr-1 last 6 years) before that i was not in India for a long time.
Have to get serious now first download ais from it web after this weekend crash / jam is resolved. Next have to log in Quicko & extract zerodha data + try to authorise income tax web log in details to extract all other income data in web site & start preparing to file in the last days before deadline either via Quicko or it web site ( if Quicko did not get liecenced before deadline)

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There is no proper commune from Non-Audit filers and hence nobody demands an extension in case of Non-Audit.

Truly I don’t know the procedures involved in filing ITR using Quicko as I have never used it.

I can tell you one thing. As long as you are declaring all of your income and paying taxes on it you don’t have worry about what appears and AIS and 26AS.

Its purpose is to give a reference and not serve as an absolute figure. Better prepare your income calculation from sources and then do a simple comparision with AIS & 26AS.

On a lighter note going by your language its hard to believe that you are a senion citizen. :smiley: :smiley:

I faced a unique experience with ITR website this year. Website is not working on laptop (Firefox/Chrome/Edge) but is working absolutely fine on mobile (Redmi 9a - Chrome browser).
So I downloaded 26as from mobile ITR site, filed taxes through Clear Tax self filing and then e-verified through ITR mobile site using Aadhaar OTP

High chances are that the issue is with the ISP. I know for sure that through many ISP Income Tax portal is not available. You should speak with your ISP and tell him that the website has been blocked for me, and they can unblock that website.
The other probabilty is with add-ons installed to your browser. If the IT website suspects that add-on may be security issue, then the website will not repsond.

Thanks for the update.
Whther quicko gets liecence or not i will still do a, trial run in quicko if it allows extraction of zerodha tax p&l data.
I have some c/f stcg losses.
Good to know cleartax is working. That will be the backup.
I assume you did not need tax audit. Clear tax Free for self filing? (Un assisted)
Today i shall log in to it mobile web site &download AIS + 26as.
My main income is bank interest. No refund is due after 80c &other deductions.
But stcg&+intraday i have no clue. First i have to check whether i need tax audit. Only vanilla cash intraday+ short term stocks & etf trading .so mostly no tax audit. So not in a hurry to file. I will assemble, tweak & double check & file just 3-5 days before final final dead line& speedpost ITR-5 to bangalore just before the 90 deadline. There is no refund due. If there is going to be scn, let it wait. Let me sleep peaceful .


I main a spreadsheet of all banks sb + fd interest from the annual/ quarterly statements.
Then i compare them with banks tax statment as no tds is deducted this year in any bank do to senior threshold.
But ais matches to the last penny of all credits. Usually i err on the higher side& declare all bank interest incomes.

Stocks i just go with what zerodha tax p&l says
Cleartax is working for filing itr-3 according to ankit.& that income mobile site is working not laptop/ desktop.
So will try to log in mobile web site & see what ramayan story they are telling.

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Yeah I didn’t need any audit. And Cleartax is also free like Quicko.
Cleartax also allows extraction of Zerodha P&L like Quicko

It does t seem to be ISP issue. I use Jio fibre for broadband and Jio sim in mobile. Same ISP. And last year the same ITR site worked fine on laptop as well. This seems to be an issue from their end department has acknowledged it as well.
Glitch in e-filing portal; Infosys taking measures, says IT dept - The Economic Times - Glitch in e-filing portal; Infosys taking measures, says IT dept - The Economic Times

Hey @brokenbull,

Our team is constantly coordinating with the Income-tax department regarding the same, however, the process is taking longer than expected. We are expecting to hear a positive response very soon.

In the meantime, you can log in with your broker and import all your trades to auto, and auto-fill your ITR by fetching incomes, deductions, tax credits from the ITD. We shall update you once the e-filing is live on Quicko.

Thanks for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for suggestion about incometax mobile web site .
No laptop currently as it fell down & won’t boot.
Logged in to it mobile web site & fixed the log in password via aadhar otp.
Down loaded 26as pdf via a bank.
Tried to download AIS from it mobile site. But it needs first AIS utilitiy. Downloaded & installed AIS utilitiy in mobile. Then got detailed AIS pdf.
As usual ,sb+ fd income + dividends reported in AIS is double that of 26as. So going by AIS.
Stocks buy & sell not sure if there is discrepancy.
Now equipped to file itr-3 .waiting for Quicko.
If by 25th July no Quicko, will file via cleartax.
Opened a login in cleartax.
If deadline postponed as usual will file in the last week before final final deadline.

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Hi, @Quicko
We have been seeing the same reply for almost a month now. Will it happen before the last date? Thanks in advance for a QUICKO resolution… :slight_smile:


Just curious - Are your deposits NRE (I read in your previous post that you were outside India for a long time). For NRE banks do not deduct TDS.
Have you given 15G form to the bank - This will result in they not deducting in the TDS.

I was trying to figure out what could be the reasons that SB+FD interest does not match with 26AS. Banks are very prompt in charging the TDS

Disclaimer: Apologies if this query seems to be inquisitive or prying, wonder what could result in Banks not deducting TDS. If TDS is deducted, then invariably it will be reflected in 26AS.

Iam a senior. So 15H not 15g. I never give 15H to any institution as gross income is above threshold.
All my fd are domestic. No longer nre/nro.
Since all my bank fd’s are below tds threshold in any single Institution (rs 50000 ) only 40% banks bother to mention fd interest paid in form 26as. If tds deducted guarantee it will show up in form 26as.
But i think they report. How AIS contain every penny of sb interest + fd ?
Form 26AS being phased out looks like. This is happening to me last 2 years. Now AIS is the only relevant report.

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