ITR Filing to Carry Forward Losses from Previous years

Hello Everyone,

I am a salaried person and had incurred losses in F&O trading 2 years back. I had taken help from a CA to file my ITR 4 along with Audit in AY 2016-17.

Then in AY 2017-18 I used ITR2 form and showed my losses in the Schedule CFL “Business or Profession loss” column so that it gets carried over for future years. I had not done any trading and income was only salary. So I filed taxes using ITR2 form.

But in this year’s(AY 2018-19) ITR2 form they have removed the “Business or Profession loss” column in Schedule CFL page.

May I know which ITR form should I use this year(2018-19) to show the losses from previous years?
I haven’t done any trading this year. This year’s income is only from my salary.

Thanks for the help.

I think ITR3 is best suited for you, but wait for some tax expert to answer your query.

Loss can be carried over if you have filed the IT return for the year in which Loss happened is filed in time with correct form. In the Subsequent year you need to file the Brought forward losses so same can be carried forward to offset against future income.

You can file ITR 2 , but to keep yourself updated where you can check from last return you can also file ITR 3

Thanks for your kind response.
The IT returns were filed on time during last 2 years and hence the losses will be carried forward.

Last year I filed ITR2 and specified my losses under “Business or Profession loss” column in Schedule CFL page.

But from this year IT department has removed that column in ITR2 form.
The income is only from salary and I have not done any king of trading this year as well. So if I choose to file my return with ITR3 then I have to fill only the salary part and then the brought forward losses. Please confirm.

You need to fill in the ITR items applicable to you .