ITR return for mutual fund losses

Which is the ITR to be filed by salaried people with losses in mutual funds? I am told that the losses can be carried forward for future gains in the next 8 years? I have mostly short term losses and a few long term.

Mutual fund loses can be either STCG or LTCG, so ITR -2 will do of you are a salaried and ITR-3 or ITR-4 if in business.

Thank you very much. I saw ITR 4 and ITR 3 and they were bewildering to say the least. I will check ITR2 and hope it is not difficult even if it is tougher than ITR1


In case of trading in Mutual Funds:

  • Income Head: Capital Gains Income
  • ITR Form: ITR-2
  • Loss: Loss under CG can be carried forward for 8 years.
    STCL (Short Term Loss) can be set off against LTCG and STCG both
    LTCL (Long Term Loss) can be set off only against STCG

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