I've opened NPS account at Zerodha Coin. Will Coin fetch my subsequent investments made outside of Coin?

Will Coin fetch my investments made directly through Kfin portal?

I use enps website to fetch my investment in NPS since inception.

It may be either NSDL or KFIN. I fetch via NSDL eNPS. All you’d need to do is to create an account with your NPS PRAN and click on forgot password.

Btw, Is coin asking you to pay POP charges (+GST)? There’s already so many charges by the pension fund companies.

With NPS, pension fund manager knows where to invest monies unlike in the MFs, you’d want to choose between equity , debt , and so on. You’d already be getting allocation to diversification in NPS. So I am not really sure why a POP is really required . Better to do independent via NSDL or KFIN.