Jan-March 2023 quarterly earnings - Interesting datapoints

Some of us who are active in this forum can share interesting tidbits from Q4 2023’s earnings.

Let us try to cover not only large caps but other small companies which might post surprising results especially the good ones.

Expecting PSU banks results to be strong.


With you on this.

Which stocks are you looking in the PSU banks space? The big ones like SBI,BOB or the small ones

Big ones for sure. Who knows if it’s already priced in by the market. But fundamentally at least the credit growth is solid.
Some of the branches there is 20 percent plus credit growth YOY. NPAs are coming down.

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Would need to see how the banks manage their net interest margins. Credit growth is expected and factored in to do well anyways

hows IT stocks ???

IT sector nifty stocks - Street estimates by Bloomberg

HCL Tech 18.50% 20.50% 8.10%
Infosys 20.40% 21.90% 17.30%
TCS 17.60% 16.50% 17.60%
Tech M 14% 6.60% -10.50%
Wipro 12.30% 12.60% 1.80%
Sector Average 16.60% 15.60% 6.80%
  • Data source: AnandRathi

  • Growth in YoY terms

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Infy with a very poor result and market too is reacting negatively

Good time to start SIP in this or wait for sometime?

ICICI bank announced bumper results over the weekend:

  • Exceptional net interest margins at 4.9% compared to HDFC Bank which is at 4.1% but the company say this might be the peak of NIMs

  • Good commentary by the company expecting double digit growth driven by retail portfolio. Bank has focused on becoming a retail growth and that has worked well for the company so far.

  • Asset quality has also seen lot of improvement.

Stock should soon head to 4 digits in my opinion based on these numbers. Tough to time it but very soon I believe