Just like the other insurances ; ; ; are there any insurance against the sudden market fall/rise?

just like the other insurances ; ; ; are there any insurance against the sudden market fall/rise ?

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Lol no.

It’s like asking for constant returns from the market. You either make money or get it from insurance. Never happening

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In Poker, the players play insurance among themselves, but officially the casino or tournament organizers dont provide it.

Same way if you want insurance in stock markets, dont expect it from SEBI or Insurance companies, get it from your friends or relatives :crazy_face:

Yes, its called FNO.

@HSL yes we have insurance no one knows how we can buy insurance

for exapmle if you have 10 lakhs worth portfolio - current market is nifty 10k for example

you can buy PUT option of DEC 10k 2 lot its the insurance of your portfolio , if index going below 10 k your put option will protected your portfolio

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Insurance cos. would be making money thru stock mrkt if they sure abt mrkt direction …why wud they b selling policies

Yes, And in Market parlance its called “Hedge”.
If you invested in stocks buy the puts. Your financial adviser should help you in calculating how many and what puts you should buy.

Today morning I entered one position. Now my max profit is 50k and max loss is 70K. I will adjust to maximize my profit and minimize my losses.

Even in general insurance you pay for buying insurance and you get only some percent (80, 70, 50%) of the total losses in case of unfortunate incident.

Buy LEAPS (Long Term Equity Anticipation Security) …long dated PUT option against your equity portfolio value. Normally, the cost is 3-4% for this hedge & in such bearish scenarios its a good protection.

LEAPS : not available in india ! Am i right?

Though open interest is comparatively low, you can buy LEAPS…see nifty options normally traded for Dec months