Kingfisher stocks are ON Hold status on Demat.. can't do anything?


I brought kingfisher airlines stock few years back and I didn’t notice the stock was suspended last year because of defaults. I have only 10 shares in hand and status is on HOLD. I couldn’t sell it from my Demat account and I want to pay annual service charge (~900) for just 10 rupees stocks. I moved to Zerodha and using it for all investments. I want to close my old Demat account (hdfcsec) . can you please tell me what to do?


Hi Jinu,

You should be able to transfer these shares to your Zerodha demat account in offline mode even if they are suspended!

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Thanks Roopa !

I would appreciate you if you can tell me the steps/procedure that I want to do transfer share to Zerodha?


Check this thread.

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Just ask HDFC for DIS slips and fill it and send it to Zerodha. Its done !

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Thank you!

In HDFCSec, we have two option in DIB Requer form online. 1 Account transfer delivery 2.Inter-depository delivery inputs. these inputs are only accepting either 0 or 5. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know what it means…But I have entered 5 for both entry in DIB request page and request confirmed :wink:


I got two DIS booklets(Form-15 Inter Depository Delivery Instructions and Form-12 Delivery Instruction by Client) from HDFCSec, which one I want to use to transfer the share to Zerodha?

Please let me know which address I want to use to send it ?

Any other document I want to send?


Depends. If both the depositories are same then use form 12 else you need to use form 15. Zerodha is CDSL by default. HDFC you can choose so depending on what you have chosen you need the appropriate one. In most cases, form 12 will work.

Thank you for your response.

I’m new in Demat so, can you please guide me to fill these forms?

if I want to useForm-15

Q1. Is client id entry is login id of kite? Is that only required?
Q1.1 How do Zerodha transfer share using just a client id?
Q2: Target details, they mentioned [Depository id: INXXXXXXX], no idea about

if I want to use Form-12

in right side column; we need to provide three inputs right ?

Q1. DP-ID, where do we get this information?
Q2: DP Name: where do we get this information?
Q3. Client ID: Is it kite login id?


Just call Zerodha support and they will help you fill it

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you can choose for closer and transfer option. Here what you need, is take the CMR copy from Zerodha and give the same to your HDFC broker. They shall close your HDFC account and transfer all your shares from that DP to the Zerodha DP.

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Thank you … :+1:

thank you… Will contact Zerodha for CMR copy

Yeah you need to send them by post and also get one by post from Zerodha.