Kite 3.0 - beta!


@siva @nithin any update on removal of limit of drawings on charts?


This may not happen anytime soon.


wow great!



Has this happened with anybody else today or is it some problem at my end?


ya same problem


just refresh the tab and it may correct


This is the mobile app… I tried to log out and reopen the app, but the problem persisted. The prices of the stocks were weird… Orders went correctly though…


Can you try clearing app cache and try once.


is it still in BETA???


No, it is live.


I clear app cache of Kite, youtube, chrome and uc browser every night. So, i think it was due to some other thing maybe… The kite app cache was a few kbs only… If the problem persists today as well, I will let you know. Thanks.


I don’t understand why is Kite facing the same stupid problems everyday. Every day the last candle jumps like a mad drunkard.

It jumps up and down, up and down, up and down, and it goes on like this… Hitting refresh or reopening the browser doesn’t seems to solve this at all.

Not only that many a times the chart gets unresponsive the latest candle showing 0 Volume.

And there is also a problem of time frames changing automatically upon hitting refresh and then i need to go to Layout and do a Save preferences. This issue was not there some months ago. But now it seems that this issue is prevalent everywhere in Kite.

Why not take some time and fix these issues once and for all. Kite is supposed to be the Flagship Trading Platform from Zerodha and the only one that is currently developed and maintained. So i don’t understand why is Kite doing such stupid stuff everyday.

Kite was really fine and smooth some months ago and none of these problems used to happen. But now these happens regularly

Please o Please do take some serious time and fix these all for the sake of all the traders who are completely relying on Kite.


As I was trading with SBICap Sec (now SBISmart) with a Premium A/c of Rs. 29,000 (account opening) for long time (few years); Kite mobile app & web app is an absolute Luxury for me. Even I don’t use much my other accounts in Motilal Oswal & ShareKhan. Zerodha technical glitches are nothing in front of SBISmart. I have already accounted these random things (technical glitches) in my trading strategy.


Today Charts were not loading at times.Always lagging most of the time.I am really fed up when this happens especially as the market opens.Do something otherwise I will switch to feyers or upstock.Everytime I call to complain your customer service begs to stay and even then you guys still never fixed the platform. @siva @nithin


Hi, I have a simple query. Is it currently possible to change the thickness of the bars in the bar charts? Thanks.


Not possible.


Thanks for your time. Much appreciated.


@siva from last few days kite hangs at last minute of trading ( 3.30pm ) gives us the solution


At 3.30?