Kite 3.0 - beta!


Problem sorted


no problem now…


Problem is not observed now.
Thanks @siva


The vertical scroll bar in trade from chart disappears each time you modify or cancel any order or exit/add position.
Are you aware of this long pending issue or I need to put in a screen cast video.

Today the market depth of few scrips froze. Hard refresh also caused no change at all. Why was that so. Any way to solve the problem ? LTP was updating right though


Ya, this is a known thing, for time being one can refresh the page to get back the scroll bar, will be fixed before final release.

I din’t observed any from my end, can you let me know the time, scrips and I believe you were mentioning on kite3 web.



Thanks to more user friendly Kite3.
It would be more useful if you include scrip price of BSE in the Market Depth tab as there are price differences in both exchanges.
I hope you will update it soon


T1 quantity is not displayed in the mobile version of Kite3.
The android app and the desktop versions display it.


Can you write to with screenshots about this.


Ya, it seems so, I just checked after @maddy_Des pointed, I was thinking this is with MS Edge only.
I also have observed a lot of disk activity (80%+) when opening multiple chart windows (6-8) in MS Edge, not happening with Firefox.


We recommend not to use MS Edge for charting, one can use chrome or Firefox.


ya, I dont like to use MS things at all (except windows bcos forced, thats y I use Linux whenever possible).
I used Edge for comparison of some charting problems in Kite3 earlier (already submitted findings). I like/use FF only.




Unfortunately the ticket is closed with this reason:
Got it, ya for your info kite3 is not compatible for web on mobiles yet, so you are not able to see the quantity due to UI thing, if one select on exit then that quantity will come pre filled in the order window, said that you can use kite3 on system/laptop web or can use mobile app.


That is fine, kite3 is not fully compatible on mobile browsers.



look for bid price ,ask price and LTP.
isn’t LTP should be between Bid and Ask price?
i am using kite 2, don’t know about 3.0



This will be very great value addition


Company name not coming up in the Search bar

This is the problem I’m facing in POPOUT CHART window. (Kite 2.0)
Might be the same in 3.0
Edit: Looks like some scrip names are in this problem list. Equitas holdings also not coming up.


Only the scrips that you have already added to Market Watch will appear in search box. :frowning:
This is a major issue. Even basic platforms like nest/now have no such restrictions @siva


This is the problem I talked about earlier.
The Market Depth gets frozen but LTP continues to update. NOW shows market depth update very fast and wont hang like in kite.


Oh! Lol :joy::joy: so weird