Kite 3.0 - beta!


Wow !!!

Not solved this yet.! amazing !


Hi Kite 3 Very Nice Update Heart-full Thanks to Zerodha Team please add order tip buy above pending order & sell below price pending order


what’s a need for position and day’s history when both refers same…


If you have taken positions only today, it will both be the same. But if you had overnight positions, days history will be different. You won’t be able to figure this out on Equity trading, only when trading derivatives (F&O).

So for example, if you had 1 lot of Nifty futures and you sold it today. Positions will show net qty as 0. But Days history will show as - 1, it will show P&L for all intraday trades for a day.


Thanks… understood now…


The chart data stops and I always need to refresh the page. This is hell !




Hello traders,
My phone has dual app facility, can I run second kite aap on the same phone? Any problem?

What about second phone and running another kite aap from there with the same log ins?


Yes, You can Run.
App 1 is Login
Now, you login into 2 App.
While you will place order in 2 app it will get Auto log out. Because App 1 session is Active Now, You will have to Login again in 2 app and all other active session will get Auto log out.

(This case is only for Those who have single client ID. If You have more than 2 client ID both will work seamlessly )


That means the first aap log in will never auto log out?
I just wanted to use way for charting purpose…
I am tired of opening charts!


The moment you will place order in App 2.
App 1 will get Auto logout.

(You try and Let us know if it’s working for you then good )


I have tried to use kite 3 over the last one week on Chrome and safari on mac but the stock price quotes are not updating properly. Even for liquid stocks and nifty 50 index, quotes are updating every 10 seconds or so. For some, prices are not updating at all. They are updating in Kite 2.0 (current version) properly though.


Dear nitin as I already requested %change in price should be shown in chart for the previous days also. Currently it is there for today only.when we have to analyse the historical price movement either I have to visit to or have to calculate it manually.kindly incorporate this feature also.thank in advance


@nithin not saving the studies i choose in graph…evry time i need to change colors and add studies separately… is it problem with only me or wht…


@nithin Charting needs to be tested thoroughly, there are lots of issues in it.


There can be only one % change for the day right (check the image below)? how can we show for two days? can u share a screenshot of what you are talking about


What he means is that prices change by certain percent daily.
Kite show o,h,l,c and v.
If we can also have (c-o)% calculated and showing.
So that if I move my crosshair on daily Nifty candle of say 1st Nov I can immediately see by how much % it changed that day


@nithin In charts many times it doesn’t get pulled up or down for adjusting.
How much you try to pull chart up by left clicking and holding it won’t move at all.
Why is that so?

#144 I am also sending the screenshot of chart from which show that the hindalco showed the movement of 4.2 % on 06th oct 2017


I use investing app chart for trading as I always end up in losses with Zerodha kite mobile app chart…

I don’t know what’s the difference…

  1. I can put crosshair by just clicking on the candle in investing it shows ohlc of that candle.

But in kite i have to adjust crosshair onto candle.

Is there any option to change background color to black??

In investing chart can only be viewed onto the left side, right side gets locked automatically on today’s last candle…

    • sign on middle also seems to a hindrance…

Chart can be minimized with two fingers on investing…