Kite 3.0 - beta!


very bad… since afternoon zerodha server and kite not working well… data missing on chart… no proper interaction with charts and servers… i am unable to understand why dont they work on there hardware end…


may be bro…my assumptions only…in my experience now they are using client side machine for saving drawings…If they allow more than 20 it will cause website…So only possible server sync…It’s not an easy job to do…so may be next version only available…


i don’t know man. Why have this stupid limitation in the first place. None of other brokers from upstox or fyers have this limitations.
I’m thinking of switching to fyers if this is going to take more time . It’s already been more than a month since I last reported it & I’m sure I’m not the one to report it first, there have been requests to remove this limitation previously too. So nothing has been done in the past months, is it still going to take more months of time? @nithin @siva


Can @nithin @siva @Bhuvanesh any zerodha team confirm Kite has been sorted or not… and if not when can we expect to have a feedback from you guys??


As always kite having issues.kite


May be your internet problem.


Can we get buttons to move to the left and right of the graph below that zoom ± button.


See everyone facing the problem @siva …U need to update your systems…Otherwise FYERS have an great chance @nithin …and Zerodha works fine in your end means what we will do?..Client side it did’t work…understand and accept the problems first…Zerodha team never accepts an issue…always says “works fine in our end”… @nithin


So I moved fyers in Feb. Logged into zerodha today generally, charts didn’t load for sometime :smile:


It’s not just you, we all face that issue, getting frustrated. I am planning to buy data from GDFL/TD and connect with amibroker.


WOW, fyers one is really good.

after seeing that video, i fail to understand how Zerodha can claim they have the best software.

I don’t think Z can beat fyers one. They are way ahead.

I am now thinking of switching to fyers one.


Totally agree…


@siva @nithin I am facing a problem when i trade in one minute chart. Whenever I refresh or reload the page, the 1 minute candle starts from there, then when i refresh after a minute it shows the real candle… It is causing problems for me as the supertrend value changes and many a times supertrend gave a signal and then after a minute the signal is no more there as the previous candle was false… People who trade in 3 minute or 5 minute chart won’t have this problem. But for scalpers who like to trade in 1 minute chart with supertrend, it is a big problem(atleast for me)…Due to this I have to look at upstox chart and then trade in zerodha. Upstox doesn’t have this problem, so i guess zerodha too can come up with a solution to this. I don’t know if you understood what the problem is. If you take remote access to my laptop I can show you what i mean… Looking for a reply and solution… Thanks…


Not possible, because I always do continuous ping check. “ping -t”.
I am trying to help you guys fix those issues so trust me, I was in QA at … my job was software bug testing.


Many have moved on dear.
Just like in that video, we keep kite as we are accustomed to it. Will take time to get adjusted to new platform.


If people are really moving, they wouldn’t be commenting here.
They may or may now know, but not many discount brokers are going to survive during market downturns. Only brokerages with higher userbase are going to be there. (Not mentioning any names)


@siva @nithin any update on removal of limit of drawings on scrips?


@rj07 @trader_dude
This is NOT a free forum. FYI.
Any post criticizing zerodha will be deleted by mods.


@trader_dude @rj07 Can we please stop this!



you are correct.

Certain people are paid to harass and abuse existing zerodha customers here.

About criticizim, its zerodha failure to actually improve instead of censorship.