Kite 3.0 - beta!



@rj07 started the accusations without any proof.

Please warn him.

I m an existing customer and i do not take lightly to the accusations.


People have been complaining about 1min chart, though haven’t checked it.
But rest of the time frame charts are okay with kite 3.0


@siva can you add a tool that lets you calculate the percentage change when you drag the cross from one point to another, because its too time consuming to calculate the price levels in %


@siva like the one on metatrader


Can you try measure tool, select draw menu( third from last)=> go to tools=> measure. Draw from point A to B to know change both in absolute and in percentage.


@siva got it, thanks


@siva i had a feedback for you, if you could utilize the space between the search and tools for favourite tools, it would be great


something wrong with kite, charts are lagging, one time they are up and when you refresh they come down know the wth is going on, fix it :expressionless:


actual chart prices are way different form the market watch prices, the some thing happened some days ago, when you’ve got positions on this is unacceptable



@siva if you still don’t believe me, i’ll upload some more if you want, i’m just looking at this for some more days and then moving on from zerodha. we loose money because of your crappy software problems. @nithin this happens every single time if you’re even aware of it, and you guys better not delete this conversation form your forum


Same thing was happening with me also.
Everything freezes.


@maddy_Des Bro look at the image, it didn’t freeze it was moving down when in reality the price was moving up, freezing you can at least know that something is wrong with the price but when it moves in the opposite direction that too on at strong resistance and overextended levels the last thing you think about is a software malfunction. @siva seriously dude what is up with you guys how can you not figure this out with even the so-called army of coders in zerodha. disappointed


No bro, observe carefully.
It is not going down like slowly it should in real market.
The thing is that kite price is stuck at 592.35. You can see this by clicking left side lightning symbol and opening market depth side bar.
So whenever you reload the chart, chart reloads with LTP as candle open and then instantly drops to that stuck price.
If befor clicking refresh LTP is above stuck price, then you would have seen a big green candle.

Observe again. Kite is such a fascinating marvel of next gen tech that you need like super brain to even pin point the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy::joy: myyy god!! this is innovation at its best, this is exactly what happened


we should put out a news out there that zerodha rigs the stock market by freezing it :smile:


You are getting zerodha intentions wrong. It is all about caring the valued customers. Just like zerodha saves its customers each volatile day from losing money by hanging the system. Actually this tiny little feature is to keep traders alert all the time. Forget about the ill luxury of seeing only the candle and relaxing. Now traders need to constantly look at the prices as well, whether it is moving or not. I have been fooled by the feature multiple times. I thought the hammer is forming, rhen actually it was a big Marubozu. What had happened was that I refreshed the chart at the high of the current candle, but the prices were stuck at open/low. So kite displayed the hammer.


zerodha should be the next Sebi that protects its traders from daily volatility. BTW marubozu… that one was hilarious :joy::joy::joy:


A s*** load of complaints didn’t change zerodha maybe trolling them might work :sweat_smile:


You try. I have been there, done that.
Mods will just delete your posts, will PM you worthless guidelines.
But in any way you own a halwai shop in kolkata?
If yes then post some negative review on public forums - zerodha support will call you back and then will offer you to buy 2 kilos of rosgulla from your shop if you delete the negative posts and pinky promise to not move to other broker.
Better way - open an account with other broker and trade.