Kite 3.0 - beta!


Hi @siva , after the mentioned problem , un- installed the KITE APP and again reinstalled it and the APP version being shown is 2.1.15 , is it a genuine version ?


May be you should write to me @, mentioning you client ID.


HAts off again for this crap.


@siva @nithin

Whats the excuse today guys?


Seems like Monday morning blues. Recurring mostly on Mondays…


Kite App watchlist displays the following info: Stock code, exchange, LTP, % change and Rs. change.

However, Kite Web does not show rupee value change (absolute amount) - why is this? One would have thought that the extra space available would be used to show an equal amount of info, not less!!!


Can select screw button as below and change accordingly on web marketwatch.


Thanks @siva. I had seen this option earlier but forgot about it. However, this stil is either absolute change or % change, not both as it appears in the app.



Is there a long term USDINR forex rate chart on zerodha? I am talking about the spot rates and not the futures.


Not there, it is 20 hour plus per day market.

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Yes, on web only one at a time.


can developer team shows the current active circuit filter limit in the next update then it might be better


This should be available soon.


Nifty junior (nifty next 50) index is not available?
(Or am I missing something?)


Hi @siva how to add 4th APR Banknifty ATM option contract to MKT watch list , if searched it shows up to 27400 only , its so annoying !!


Just type banknifty followed by strike.

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Thank you


Pre open rates not updated till now for today in Kite. Anyone else facing this issue?



no feed is coming… it s**ks…


Now it got updated