Kite 3.0 - beta!


Kite 3.0 beta crashes on my MOTO Z 3 , if I enter touch anywhere on the screen. Home page works ( live rates keep updating).
Some bug maybe .


How are Zerodha preparing to handle the pressure on the systems that this week will bring on the servers?

@siva @nithin

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Lol! That’s a very careful move! Hilarious! Silent killer with your question. @Sumedhpatel


We are preparing for this week from last few weeks, we have done many changes in the back-end over last few weeks, of-course users don’t know about these. We are confident that everything will be smooth over coming week.


Kite 3.0 make a widget for mobile


The main issue I face with Kite is about loading charts. Whenever I pop-out chart of any symbol or just load the chart on the same screen the kite starts lagging tremendously in every aspect. I am unable to place any orders or work on anything. Please help out soon. I am reporting this after I have observed this and tolerated this for a quite long time.


This seems specific to you, can you create ticket here and message me ticket number, I can get it checked.


The number of stocks that can be in a watchlist has been enhanced to 50 stocks from the earlier 40 stocks. This is just for information for other ZERODHA users.


Why is the word “EVENT” mentioned against BAJFINANCE, KOTAKBANK, DHFL in watchlist?

I can understand INDUSINDBK and INFY having results.

Also same “EVENT” is mentioned for lot of indices like NIFTY PSU BANK, NIFTY FMCG, NIFTY PHARMA.


You can click on three dots and check on fundamentals. For kotakbank tomorrow is exdate for cash dividend payment.


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When Zerodha launches Kite 4.0 ?


Hi @siva , After drawing few trend lines on nifty chart and saved it in Kite web version , but these trend lines are not at all visible in Kite mobile APP , what may be the reason , any suggestion from your side? ( its really difficult to draw trend lines in kite Mobile version !!! )


That is how it is and will be, drawings on chart iq are saved locally and not on server means only on that system/browser. Can’t be carried to other devices.


Thank you , let me know , if anything can be done in this regard in future :slightly_smiling_face:


@siva , @nithin The closing price of Futures say nifty stays the last traded price on kite charts and not the actual closing price. can u please do something so it gets updated ASAP. i can see actual settlement/ closing price only once i receive contract notes, in KITE it still shows LTP until the next trading day.


It will be updated around 12 in the midnight. If one want to know the settlement price it is available on nse website after 3.30.


@siva if u r referring to this,
( .
i have checked here even they dont update the settlement price.


Am I the only one getting tired of typing the pin on the Android app every time I reopen it? The previous app was fine as it was. Typing the pin whole day is very annoying.


there is some issue with the chart during morning hours, i have to refresh regularly & every time it shows something different.


these are some before and after refresh screenshots :no_mouth: look at the time, i have to refresh regularly. how can i trust this info :disappointed:

please look into this @siva @nithin

this problem mostly occur in the morning around 9-15-10:30, after that it goes normal again & sometimes also during mid day.