Kite 3.0 - beta!


Kite 3.0 beta crashes on my MOTO Z 3 , if I enter touch anywhere on the screen. Home page works ( live rates keep updating).
Some bug maybe .


How are Zerodha preparing to handle the pressure on the systems that this week will bring on the servers?

@siva @nithin

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Lol! That’s a very careful move! Hilarious! Silent killer with your question. @Sumedhpatel


We are preparing for this week from last few weeks, we have done many changes in the back-end over last few weeks, of-course users don’t know about these. We are confident that everything will be smooth over coming week.


Kite 3.0 make a widget for mobile


The main issue I face with Kite is about loading charts. Whenever I pop-out chart of any symbol or just load the chart on the same screen the kite starts lagging tremendously in every aspect. I am unable to place any orders or work on anything. Please help out soon. I am reporting this after I have observed this and tolerated this for a quite long time.


This seems specific to you, can you create ticket here and message me ticket number, I can get it checked.