Kite 3 mobile beta is here!


There is nothing different than the old kite mobile, the same username and password, although under permissions in mobile settings there isn’t an option to activate fingerprint for kite beta…


Should I wait for the official release of kite 3? When will this beta phase be over and we get a stable release?


@nithin kite 3.0 mobile version is awesome and very fast. Zerodha is growing very fast all the best for your unstoppable journey. Please do introduce dark mode in kite 3.0 mobile version. It will be very helpful for me as well as few more traders too.


Informed to our team about this, they will evaluate and if possible will be added in coming versions.Thanks.


This is a stable release though in beta, you can use it.


Dark Feature Is Highly Needed… i hope you manage to get it


When open order form from chart view and if I exit then it back to direct market depth page it should be exit in chart


Who designed this app? Increase his salary. The app in one words in dope considering the lightweightness of it.

See if you can manage finger print instead of pin. Rest issues are already discussed here :slight_smile:


Thanks! We’ll let the devs know! :slight_smile:

Fingerprint auth is available. Go to the account page and enable it from settings.


There is so much space occupied by Total P&L Box… This result in less position visible on screen…! It would be great if this box made compact. @siva


I think this is fine, even if we try to adjust it, at max only one more position will be visible on the screen.


Hey Guys I looked Kite and the recent add on of trading view is great but I feel it more convenient to use Pi. Recently I updated the pi software to the latest update and surprisingly a lot of useful things seem to have been removed from the new version.

  1. Can’t find Upper circuit limit and lower circuit limit in snapquote window.
  2. No script property window which was present earlier. (useful to see the expiry date, max order limit etc)
  3. Now in the NFO segment all the things are added in the only two segment Opt and Fut whereas previously the segments of equity derivatives and index derivatives were differentiated and it was easy to use. JUST WHY ? The ease of use tend to have been diminished and you have to manually type then search what you are looking for and it takes more time.
  4. Now you can open multiple snapquote windows. I personally don’t like it but I think it is usefull and a welcome add on but its greatest flaw is if you happen to double click multiple snapquote windows are opened of the same script which I think could be prevented. Different script multiple snapquote window is great or multiple snapquote of the same script for BSE and NSE is good but clearly multiple snapquote of the same script could be stopped.

Zerodha should fix these things soon because they were good features and have been removed. Dear Shiva please do comment.


Will be added soon.

Can check market depth for expiry.


My second post on this page.

  1. The apps page feels unnecessary. Please, instead of huge icons give us an option for changing those huge icons into a minimalist list.

  2. It should be customizable i.e. shortcut to those apps which you use and option to remove app icon you dont use or an option to remove and add them later. I dont use sentinel and sensibull. There should be an option to remove the app ‘icon’ and add them back later, if needed.

  3. I dont understand the use of the ‘My Apps’ section of the apps page. It only allows you to revoke permission of certain apps. This ability to revoke permission should be infused in the explore app section itself.

  4. Remove the my apps section on the app page and add an inbuilt(not a link in chrome) brokerage or a margin calculater or add them both. That will be MOST useful.

Only the app page and the absence of dark mode irks me, but the app itself is beautiful.



May be you can ignore app page. Dark mode- is being evaluated by our team and may be available in next versions.


@siva do we need to uninstall the beta version after the stable is released or will the stable version gets updated on top of beta version automatically??


Thanks for detailed reply to each question.

Can you name the broker, please. Also this can be done using our Sentinel, check here for more.
It’s interactive brokers.

Watchlist limit of 40 x 5 is small, specially for traders who participate in Equity, currency as well as commodity.
It would be enough to trade stocks only. But if someone wants to trade in futures and options, then it becomes difficult to manage with small list. 1 underlying, 1 future and at-least 2 options would mean only 50 stocks could be placed on watch list. Or another way would be to add futures and options later on which may take some time and may cause some time loss. Time is money for trader!

After doing any drawing one has to save it as layout.
I have seen that feature of save chart. But this is cumbersome.

Even on kite one can use up and down arrows on market watch and click c for chart.
One can’t login to TV with Zerodha ID.
Ok, I checked this feature. But again, basic problem remains same. Limited number of scripts in one watch list. In Trading view, I have no limit of stocks in one list. And there is one feature of marking the stocks by various colored flags so that I can mark stocks in different colors and can see stocks marked in such way. It makes life easy.
Currently I am having 200 stocks in tradingview. I have marked my trading zones as per my technical analysis. These zones remain on chart unless I delete. They can be made visible for particular time frame, which is also present with new charts of zerodha based on trading view.
In zerodha, if I scroll down and press C, then chart opens up, its not full screen and I have to pop it out. Number of steps increase this way and I have to toggle between windows or I have to zoom out. With trading view, side windows collapse and I can see chart at maximum screen size.
Also, when I mark stocks with different colors, I can categorise charts in short, long, sideways patterns etc. That is really helpful for rapid screening. This way, more than 200 stocks can be screened effectively category wise.

One more feature which I could not mention.
I would like to have a order where we can place Stop loss and Target in one order. Once any of the order is executed, other should get cancelled. I know about bracket order, but here I am requesting about one cancels other type of order. This would be helpful for positional traders who are busy and can’t monitor markets. This feature would be very helpful in volatile markets. Placing 2 separate orders can be dangerous at times if one of the order is not cancelled after execution of another order. In markets which are volatile, both orders can get executed and may cause huge profits or losses, depending upon order in which they get executed. In case one order execution cancels another order, it would be very safe for traders. Either profit or stop loss would be booked at pre determined levels. This feature would attract many new traders to zerodha. This type of order if possible should be valid till cancel or valid till date so that maximum benefit can be taken. Bracket orders are intra day orders with margin. These orders should be without extra margin. Possible for all segments including FNO, Cash, MCX, Currency. It would be big favourite for many positional traders who have other profession, like me. I am professionally a surgeon and sometime have to close trades prematurely due to emergencies. This kind of order would be very soothing to mind.

Overall, your team is doing great job. I am providing feedback for improvement so that I get benefits and Zerodha gets benefits due to advanced features.
Hope for positive replies from you Siva.
Nice to have your replies.


It should be updated automatically.


Dear @siva
Trading on mobile put a lot of strain on eyes by frequent & constant gazing.
Please plan for a dark mode in the next update.


You guys are doing a wonderful job. Kudos to everyone involved.