Kite 3 Plugin for auto trading

I guess the tab has to remain open, because the trade rocket just listens for notifications. Notifications comes only when the tab is open.

Hi …I have a few questions hopefully everyone can benefit

  • has anyone successfully deployed Trade rocket on AWS yet.
    are there any known issues and their workarounds. if they can be listed on the extension page then it will immensely help
  • I would like to know whether Trade rocket/TR extension works on the notification (bell icon ) or the orange/blue dot that appears next to the stock. I’m asking this as even after missing the trade on AWS I reopened the page on my local machine where the dot was still blinking but TR did not act on it


after a bit of research these are a few things that helped

  • changed a few setting on the remote desktop to ensure it doesn’t go to sleep
  • installed a chrome extension to refresh the page every min or so
  • and most importantly stopped logging in from phone or any other device for that matter as it will then log out from the AWS.

after making the following changes haven’t seen any issues for past couple of days , will continue accessing it for about a month

however one concern still remains

  • unable to monitor the strategies and execution…so still in a bit of black hole …looking to sort this out
    any help is appreciated @TradeRocket @Anees_Ahmad

Can you please share which extension you are using for page refreshing?

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Tab auto reloader

You can use aws for trading and mobile app to track strategy. I have been using this and it does not log you off.
Only issue I faced was aws some times get stuck as I am using very basic free one. So hopefully adding tab auto reloader should solve this.

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Does anybody has any idea… trade rocket didn’t worked today??

can we automate F&O using trading rocket and streak?

Good Evening.

I am Balachander Rajagopalan, new to this Forum. I read your above post and went through the video. I followed that gentleman;s instructions step-by-step, created my ID etc.
When I tried launching my First Instance, at Step 7: REVIEW INSTANCE LAUNCH, I keep getting this following message and am unable to proceed after that.

" Improve your Instance Security. Your Security Group, launch Wizard-2 is open to the world.
Your Instance maybe accessible from any IP address. We recommend that you update your security group rules to allow access from known IP address only. You can also open additional ports in your security group to facilitate access to the application or service you are running, i.e.HTTP (80) fro web servers. Edit Security group. "

I have just a working knowledge of the I.T field and so am totally lost after this.

I would appreciate any help that anybody reading my post can offer.

Thanks in advance.

Balachander Rajagopalan

hello trade rocket Team
can we place limit buy orders using traderocket since market orders are blocked for stock options even the highly liquid one
or is there any alternate solution to use trade rocket for liquid stock options using the streak

Yes, just deploy the strategy as limit and then alert will come as limit and order will get placed as limit.

No it need not be in front, it can be minimized.

Just make sure pc/laptop doesn’t go to sleep and make sure your kite session doesn’t expire(can happen if you manually logout from one device or login into many devices).

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Are you referring to this video → Create a Money Making Machine by Hosting Auto Trading System on a VPS - YouTube
Additonal ports i guess is not needed as the windows client only needs port 22 to be to open to connect with AWS.

@TradeRocket Hey, is it possible at the off chance that while using auto reloader plugin with trade rocket, if the streak sends an order right at the time when my kite tab is auto reloading. Would this cause the order to not execute?

I know the chances are less but not very less. Is this a possibility?

Sir I am using this plugin with streak upstox but it is unable to auto trader. What is the problem ?? Why it is unable to auto trader ? Kindly help me. What I should do ?

Dear TR
Do you have plugin created for Microsoft Edge. Actually I have two accounts to trade so may be I can open them separately on Chrome and Edge.

Why don’t you use Chrome and Brave? Brave is also chrome based browser.

Yes, been there, done that, love it.

struggling badly with double trade by trade rocket, you can see in yellow field without alert trade action happening, see if anyone has any answer…using only single device no multiple windows open, reinstalled trade rocket many times.

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