Kite chart displaying wrong candles leading to loss in trade

there is a big difference in the candle chart in zerodha which is leading to wrong and mistakes in trade.
I have attached 4 charts from 4 charting platforms including zerodha but every chart matches except zerodha, not only it does not matches but also gave a wrong candle stick pattern when all the other platforms gave the same (correct) candles.

the charts are 1 hour charts of BPCL on 25 aug 2020 from 11pm to 1pm (3 candles)

all the other platforms except zerodha gave a bearish harami candlestick pattern on 1pm after that there was 3 big consecutive bearish candles in which if you’ve entered after 1pm you could have earned a pretty good profit but zerodha didn’t show that pattern at all and displayed the bearish candles as one big candle and if you’ve taken trade looking at zerodha chart you could’ve end up in a big loss (which i think most retail traders are now)
this happens in all the other charts i checked and compared not just BPCL, i trade at 1 hour & 5min chart and i dont want it to be wrong at any cost

Please do something about it and correct this mistake, its a clear mistake from the side of zerodha and if not then the other platforms would have also shown difference but every other charts are same except zerodha’s

people take trades looking at chart, if the chart itself is not giving us correct signals then…


Let me check.

Hi @Cosmic_Soul. No issues here, if you look at latest chart of BPCL on all the platforms you have shared screenshot of, you will find all other websites have adjusted the chart while that in Kite has remained the same.

Latest screenshot of ChartIQ on Kite.

Latest screenshot of Trading View (from their website).

And latest screenshot of Investing, (Their first hourly candle for the day started at 8:30 am)

If you take a look at this and at the pictures you have shared, you will come to know ChartIQ was correct, while all other platforms adjusted the charts later.



@siva OK; can you please check and reply here, i cant and im afraid to take trades with this error.

If you look here at the 14:00 candle you have highlighted, the candle should start from 14:15, not 14:00, that is why you are seeing different candles on TradingView website and on ChartIQ.

As posted by shubh, candle start timeframe is also different, we start from 9.15, they start from 9 for hourly.

i was not highlighting the time but still that does not matter the problem is that kite chart gave a wrong sell signal while all the other chart gave a perfect harami pattern with correct sell signal.

If chart data if different then how you expect same candle? our hourly candle takes data from 2.15, they start at 2 so it will be different right?

ok fine your timeframes are different and candles are not same BUT UNDERSTAND THAT OTHER CHARTS WERE RIGHT AND GAVE A CORRECT SIGNAL AND ENTRY WHEREAS YOURS GAVE A VERY WRONG SIGNAL. I MEAN SIMPLY YOUR CHARTS ARE NOT ACCURATE. (i checked other stocks also kite has given a lot of wrong signals)

if you can do anything about this, please do.

Where it is wrong, can you give me exact details.

In the original post ive circled 3 candles, from that see the first 2 candles, its called a bearish harami or pregnant lady or something, its a reversal signal and whenever that happens on top its a reversal signal and market will fall; in this pattern we take trade after the second candle closes and short sell.

now look at other charts every other chart has a harami pattern and the market did fall after it and anybody who has shorted after the second candle would have got profit.

now look at zerodhas chart, here the second candle is an indecision candle and we cant blindly take trade on that, we need to wait for a second cofirmation candle and even though the third candle was red and it was also a bearish pattern but by the time the candle finished on zerodha the move was over and the market started rising again(25/8) and that day was over.
so if anyone looking at zerodha chart and has taken that trade it would have been a loss, as you can see zerodhas chart was inaccurate and gave the signal long after the market has already fall, whats the point of taking a trade after the move has been finished. the charts should be accurate and give correct signals at the correct time not after 1 hour later when the move has already been over

Not sure if you are understanding what we are saying, are you new to markets or trading?

Our candles start at 9.15 for hourly, TV at 9 so both candles will be different as both will have different data.

What they are saying is right hourly candle in zerodha is 9.15 to 10.15 and so on
But in other platforms u shared it is 9 to 10 and so on.
This will change because the open, close, high and low of the time that candle represents vary.

For your reference i attach screenshot of other brokers like upstox and angel broking. These also consider same timing as zerodha

I hope this clarifies. I suggest you to check Indian sites like money control.

I suggest you to be patient. Else Don’t answer.
There will be times when even the experts may get confused.

i get it, the timing is different but consider this as a suggestion and can you change the timing as from 9-10 for hourly chart i think that is more accurate. i compared other stocks charts also and 9-10 was accurate than 915 -1015

emm this is subjective, there is no one right answer, people has different opinions but in India most others also offer the same way. Also markets start from 9.15 so ideally hourly should be from the starting point.

ya ok market starts at 915 so 915 should be the timing but consider this there could be some reason the other platforms are using 9-10 for 1H timing and from the charts that i posted it is also very evident right.

the difference is only in 1H chart, all other time frames I checked are same in all platforms and i dont think its based on country because the TV chart in zerodha is also same as chartiq but TV website had difference.

anyways, please do consider this timing i literally spent hours comparing all the charts and i can surely say that 9-10 1H is more accurate than 915-1015