Kite chart issue - last candle is distorted after mid week market holiday


When there is a mid week market holiday the chart on kite for all stocks is distorted or wrong for the last candle. Issue exists for all stocks for all time frames.
Please can this be corrected. Very surprised how such issues are not fixed when kite is used by millions!

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I don’t see any issue with voltas on 1 min timeframe, can you elaborate a bit more on what you are saying, please.


@siva The issue is obvious in the screen shot of monthly chart. If you look at the far right the last candle is extended or stretched too large and the closing and lows are incorrect. It was the case in all time frames on that time & day and for all the stocks. It’s very common issue during mid week holidays and also around weekend i guess .Very very surprised zerodha not aware of it.
If you keep unlisting how will zerodha know if other users have similar issue or solution? This is very frustrating.


@siva no response?


I seriously din’t understand what you are trying to say here, if you don’t mind can you please explain a bit more.