Kite charts update - Trading from charts, and more

what just beats me is this? Has zerodha done any testing before they released the product to the clients? if so how did you guys miss this? if you do not have the product ready why release a half baked product and keep on justifying it…it’s just pathetic.


This is about?

Related to TV charts issues.

What exact issue you are referring?

The same issues which others has already raised, for starters the settings doesn’t get saved on TV charts, every time we open a new chart or refresh they get lost, and we would load them from layout option again and again.

For kite, there’s no full on dark mode yet, and i am not sure if we will ever see it. All we hear is, this cannot do or something is coming, i mean come on…

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Can you make watchlist window smaller?. It takes too much space from chart. Make it smaller and extra space can be used by the chart.

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Not possible currently, will check on possibility in coming days.


A month passed and I have lost hope of this issue getting fixed. Kite web has many complaints already about the fonts size, screen space usage and about workflow (no of clicks needed to get something done).

Kite mobile used to be worse than web. But I see now there is some prefetch/caching happens… The chart started loading faster sometime back and now the data also kind of loads instantly. Now kite mobile is much better.

The problem is, web n mobile, both are not good for long time usage. Web has this memory leak. Both have usability issues (font size, space usage, workflow etc).

I think … kite is better used only for order entry. A seperate analysis platform is required.

That means, switching apps and entering numbers manually …

Which means … kite is not suitable for trading with lot of order entries.

As much as I like, Zerodha and their services, the trading software is my biggest complaint.

There is a community guidelines post here which says “software bugs and problem reporting will be moderated”. I did not see that earlier. But seeing both @nithin @siva and at times @Bhuvan replying … even posting new topics about features, relaeases and asking feedback … I think my comments so far are good enough .

I will stop posting my comments and complaints here after. Some of my comments and askings could be personal preferences. The complaints also could be specific to my use case. Anyway … I am not an active trader yet and I better concentrate there. It is not that a great software can itself make me a success in trading. May be livimg with subpar software might teach me more. :slight_smile:


@siva I think Correlation coefficient indicator in Chartiq charts is not working properly. It is not accepting symbols.

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Surprisingly you are the only one who raised this issue.

Not sure what is this about, can you be specific?

May be your opinion, we have thousands of traders who put lot of orders in a day.

waiting for cpr in kite mobile app please.

Few more weeks.

Add symbol first and then add correlation coefficient.

Add Margin Required to trade from charts.

@siva i am constantly seeing wrong option premium calculation in kites dashbaord , when premium is collected by me it shows less and when premium is debited by me it shows this in excess , although actual amount in my ledger and contract note is correct but i cannot calculate this in real time.

Can you message me screenshot and ID.

for today till now its correct , some days like yesterday it was wrong , day before yesterday it was correct till i took last trade . Dont have the screeenshot though , but the patten is always same it shows less for crdit and more for debit , and yes this is always the case when taking position in mis but in last couple of months i had noticed it in NRML trades too.

Just fyi,Intraday profits won’t be added now, next time take a screenshot and message me.

does tat mean if i took mis trade and say made 5k and didn’t take any other trade option premium column would show 0 as against -5k previosuly

Right, intraday profits are not added now.