Kite connect using Excel

Hello ,
I am planning to join kite connect and trade using excel.
I want to know how to integrate the strategy onto the kite connect API.
I only want to trade crude oil futures , nothing more. People are suggesting I subscribe to Amazon Web services.
I have the Buy/Sell Logic , In other words I have the trading strategy set. I just need guidance on how to set it up on the API. Please help me for the same.
It will really mean a lot if you could guide me for this.
Thank you in advance.

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This forum can be starting point but you should know some coding to do this.

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If you already have your login and just want to set your trading strategy for auto trading or only for signals then you can read this article.

Girish Mathur

If you want to trade from excel using zerodha API refer “tradepyxl” python package given in link. This package is to trade in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY weekly options in multiple account. can be customized as per your requirement.