Kite - enhancement requests (charts and exit options)

Dear Zerodha,

I am trading with kite for sometime, and i have really started loving the platform.
Here are a few feature request, if you can kindly help to implement -

  1. Charts - Can we have Camarilla Pivot points in kite?

  2. Multi-charts - Can we have option for multi-charts in same window, where currently only one shows up? (at least 4 charts?)

  3. Exit option prompt - The square-off option in kite, currently prompts “Do you wish to exit?” while it is safe, but it is too slow for intraday scalpers. Can we have a configurable option, where user might optionally disable the prompt if they wish to?

  4. “exit” option - The exit option in “positions” tab, if clicked, takes to the “orderbook” (observed in case of CO). Can we have it right there, instead of re-direction to next tab? In that way, we can exit right after seeing the current MTM instead of taking to the next tab, and saving couple of second.

  5. Book-profit option in MIS CO: There should be a book-profit option in cover-order. Sharekhan has this, though book-profit is optional. Sometimes, the price hits a pivot intraday and returns back so fast, that manual exit from there is impossible, unless you have book profits.

  6. Trade from chart - kite desktop app, should have a trade-from-chart option.

I know, it is too many requests :blush: but at least the promptless “exit” would be something i would really look for.

Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work !!

I understand that pop up alert checks are in place to prevent people getting in wrong orders.

But since speed is needed for fast traders. these checks can be optional in settings (with explained risks). Will make things much faster.

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Added point (5) and (6) in enhancements.


I 100% agree with your idea of position exit.
Yes, Zerodha must provide a setting menu in kite web where we can configure our needs.

@Karthik Any plans?

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