Kite holdings page feature request

  1. Show the current value of each asset in the holdings page. (Now this is only visible inside each asset page, not outside)

  2. Option to sort based on current value

  3. Sort setting shouldn’t revert back to default after restarting the app.

Coin app does all these.

By the way, I felt the holdings page is bloated with lots of data. Average price & qty isn’t of any utility to me, as I can see the invested amount (which is the product of the other two). Maybe you can provide the user option to customise data to be shown in the holdings page. This will help us keep that important page of our life clean and clear.

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These are very important. It might not be useful for u. But it’s essential for many others.

That’ll will be a good one.


I’m curious. How is this helpful over invested amount?

Portfolio weightage could be one.

Invested amount is imp but it’s not everything.

According to moderator @siva

He said that they are only un listing specific to zerodha. This post is related to zerodha. I wonder why it’s still not removed. I’m taking about this because they un listed my genuine feed back post → Console recommendation - Breakdown in 'Other credit and debit'

(@Augustine_Charly I’m not telling that u should not post, I just wanted to know why only specific questions were un listed., nothing else : )

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@Augustine_Charly , why do u think that avg price and qty are not imp ?

I posted this in Category ‘Zerodha’, sub category ‘Zerodha platforms’. What else do they expect to be posted here? About existence of multiverse?


This was my post → Console recommendation - Breakdown in 'Other credit and debit'
I posted this under Zerodha → Zerodha platforms category.

And moderator @siva said this –

Both of our posts has something in common and that’s site feedback/idea. But my post got un listed but not yours! That’s what I want to know. They are un listing specific posts and not other posts that must be removed according to their ‘Statement’.

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Tell me, whether the following 2 scenarios different from an investor perspective?

  1. Avg price 1000, qty 100
  2. Avg price 100, qty 1000

In both scenarios, the value invested is same (1L). All I care is my invested amount, current value, profit (value & %) & portfolio weightage.

I’d like to hear from you why avg price & qty matters to an investor. Or in other words, what decision could one take from those 2 values.

Can you please don’t tag me randomly, same with any of zerodha team. Also I don’t understand why you are bothered about a post unlisting, our motto via this forum should be increasing our knowledge, making money and if possible helping other with their queries, not sure why you keep dragging this. Just take a break.

Average price is important because you can get an idea of what cost you acquired the shares so that you can measure if you are timing the market right. It will also give an idea of whether its overvalued or undervalued so that you can make a decision on whether to accumulate more or sell. Profit is important but its not the only measure to decide on a stock in the holding

you are right. avg price and qty are very imp.