Kite: Need Platform Issues need to be Fixed

Hi Nitin / Team
Great fast platform. Missing basic things on Kite:

  1. Positions doesnt show you Total amount on each row . So you are seel Stock- Qty- Price- Do you expect a trader to calculate the amount for each row during trade time. Just a bsic column showing qty*price shall solve such a big issue in trading. anybody who trades actively shall understand how imp its to know how much you need to know amt locked in a particular asset class

  2. How come all Reports come after midnight in console. I hope everybody understands that every brokerage house gives MIS reports by late evening and once EOD data comes Or for some of us as soon as Marked ends, all of us want to calculate PnL for the current day. It seems really long to have this being loaded Next day 1-2 AM.

  3. When using Trading view, once you open side bar of buy/sell using zerodha logo, the search symbol goes so you cant search untill you type on the text and change which is okay for us who have been using trading view for a while but not so readily apparent and we already have the search icon so why not display it.

Zerodah is a great and very fast platform. Request small things are taken care of.