Kite order complete notification sound

I am not getting notification sound in kite app and website interface when an order is complete. So i am missing on the orders. In settings it is checked for order notifications. This i noticed for past 1 week. Have tried reinstalling app also. Can anyone advice and help plz.


Yes this is much needed for people who work on a lot of tabs apart from kite. If its not needed for everyone, maybe we can add a setting for it. The users who want it can turn it on. FYI just to clarify, I’m talking here about the notification sound on the desktop website.

@siva @nithin

No changes on app, we have removed the bell notification on web and gave notification on orders tab itself.

Yeah, will add notification sound next week.

How to add it on app ??

We did no changes on app.

Unfortunately neither on my phone nor am i getting on my tablet. I believe we need to keep order notifications on in settings section. But still am not able to get. Am i missing or doing something wrong.

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Is this setting correct ? I am still not getting the notification sound. Even checked app settings in phone notification permission section.

Pls.add notification sound…

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Yes, will do next week.

Please add notification sounds as was earlier … its quite important.

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I am still not getting the notification bip even after updating. My order notifications are on as per settings. Can u advice plz.

Only sound will come after order completion and red mark will show up on order tab for any update.