Kite platform feature request

Hello everyone. I have been trying to find a place to give a suggestion of a feature request for both the mobile platform feature request and the web version too.

I like many here operate multiple kite accounts, my wife’s, mine and my Kids. The problem is that in one web app you cannot open multiple accounts and that part is understood, ditto in the mobile apps. So to log in one account we have to log out completely from the other account and repeat the process over and over again, especially if you are monitoring MIS positions. What I suggest is that in the App and we version we log in multiple account and swipe to see/operate the other account. If at all, all the credentials should be saved for the day and we can just fill the pin and should be good to go.

The example of this is twitter where the login details do not completely disappear for logging in the new account. This is especially great feature if, like most us would be doing, logging in from our personal computers.

Would be great if this is considered and included in future updates. @nithin - hope I have addressed this to the correct Nithin :wink:

There are regulations around this, otherwise would have been straightforward to do this.

Btw on the web, you can open multiple incognito windows. Check this.

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Thank you for a prompt reply. Though I had read it - but could not have replied as I was travelling.
No wonder you have taken this platform to the next level - this level of interaction is outstanding. Just for your info - I am one of the earlier ones who believed in Zerodha. Today me, wife, son, daughter, father, brother - the entire family is there with you.
Remain blessed.