[Kite Web] Chrome is ignoring autocomplete="off" attribute in watchlist search field

Chrome suggests a password when I try to search an instrument in Kite web watchlist search field. It stops suggesting randomly after I do a hard refresh a couple of times.

I am on latest build of Chrome (Version 116.0.5845.110). It has been happening since last couple of Chrome builds (since last few days).

It seems Chrome is ignoring autocomplete=“off” attribute.

This seems like a browser specific issue. From our side the search field isn’t marked as password type field. You can use alternate browser until this behaviour is fixed by Chrome.

Yep, this issue is specific to Chrome.

Chrome doesn’t always respect autocomplete="off" attribute on input fields.

I use autocomplete="false" instead of autocomplete="off" attribute for input fields in the apps that I build and they seem to work fine on Chrome, Firefox & Safari.