Kite3 Algo Trading

Hello, I have been tinkering with the kite3 apis since last few months on and off. I have come up with a few algos that are a combination of trading signals + execution strategy. The problem is these are sure shot wins but high frequency. Major chunk of profits or losses are transaction costs. Looking at approx + / - 0.5 - 2% profits / losses, So needs to issue a lot of orders (read high frequency) in the order of 1k trades a day to be profitable.

I was wondering if any one can guide me here (sorry a lot of questions below but thanks in advance)

  1. is it legally right to use custom scripts running on my laptop / pc to issue orders through zconnect API ?
  2. Is there a limit on how many scrips / orders one can issue on NSE ?
  3. Does Zerodha has a bulk pricing for clients who issue large number of orders ?
  4. How MIS leverage is applied if one issues hundreds of orders in a day for a scrip ?

Thanks again!

  1. Yes but it not automatically execute
    3.Nothing of size, but have it’s inbuilt limits
    4.First come first executed and refused after limit exceeds
    Note silly things and be strong to your coding with affordable backtesting for executions

thanks for the replies. yes on the coding front operational risks are going to be a major risks of such a trading activity. Do you know any one in this forum having implemented custom code for submit orders through Kite3 APIs?

No idea, I am not very familiar with it

Seems like an old question. Yes I have used Kite API to send multiple orders per second. It seems like you are trying to implement an arbitrage strategy, problem with this is brokerage and exchange charges which eats up most of profits.