Know-how about Zerodha By Nithin Kamath

Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath,

Your transformative journey from challenging school years to founding Zerodha has always fascinated me. Suppose I have a considerable sum like X in my account, enough to venture into a business like broking. However, I lack knowledge about the step-by-step procedure to obtain approvals, licenses, and other essentials needed to establish a brokerage firm. How did you navigate this aspect and gather the crucial know-how, particularly understanding what approvals and licenses were necessary and from whom to seek them?

Eagerly awaiting your insights,
Deepak Dhakrey

Before Zerodha, I was a sub-broker with Reliance Money for over four years and a trader in the markets for over ten years. And Zerodha itself is 13 years old now. So it is just stuff you learn over time. And to be honest, it isn’t too hard.

Thanks for replying, to be honest I was not expecting this much fast reply like a bullet train.

Sir is there anyway I can get in touch with you because my head filled with lot of valid executable ideas