Known best strategy for algo trading

Is there any readymade strategy which gives consistent profit on streak

Or is there list of strategy with their performance on streak

@Streak pls reply

Hi @Kamal_Bohra,

We don’t recommend any strategies, the main reason being, without a proper understanding of strategies and when to use them there is no consistent work in market scenarios.
Our discover page, has some of the best performing strategies to help you learn and for you to build your unique strategies. We keep updating discover strategies on a very frequent basis, based on market conditions and trends to help you find the best good strategies.

The key to make things work consistently is focusing on a few sets of strategies and stocks and consistently optimizing the strategy for your risk-reward profile by backtesting and paper trading.

The strategies which match your trade style/discipline and risk tolerance then you can take it to live.

All this might look like some effort, but if there was no then, there would have no reward.
And we are here to make it as effortless as it can be :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!