Kotak says that companies like Zerodha are going to close and is it true that companies like Zerodha make pool account & keep our money in that?


The problem is these companies do not know how to sell their product.

Kotak’s FIT plan is uber cool and could be a disruptive.

But these aristocrats do not know how to market to the common people in India.

Axis had a similar offer few months back, but they failed to attract clients.

Unless they start being transparent on the Intraday leverage for shares, fno ,and write it in big letters on their site, like rest of the discount brokers do. They are not going to sell this product.

On the other hand, their current high revenue generating clients will shift to this plan , and they will net loose out on revenue with these kind of offers.


Tried laughing but couldn’t. Mother promise, I tried!

Are you taking a dig at someone/something?


Probable reason why their interface have technical glitches during high volatility and when you are making money


Hey @trader911

Check out this post.


@Nabarun_Chakraborty I assume SEBI bought in a new rule not to give discounts or any rewards for investing (mutual funds) or any financial instruments. May be that was the reason for stopping the challenge. :wink:


its a scam


Cheers Nithin and Zerodha, #NUMEROUNO