Kudos Zerodha - changes to benefit from reduced margin requirements

@nithin @siva Thanks to Zerodha for introducing this bandwise opening of strikes available for buying. As always you guys always pleasantly surprise your customers by providing innovative solutions to unique problems that only Zerodha faces. Many a times I wanted to change my broker but could never leave my liking for Zerodha. I wonder why nobody else is able to simulate the best practices you people follow. Amazing job. Congratulations and thanks again. :slight_smile::):ok_hand::v:


what do you mean by this?

Earlier we could not buy OTM options as Zerodha was breaching the trading member limit, now they dont allow far OTM strikes to anyone and open them for buying in phased manner according to the Nifty levels. This way even a small retail trader like me can buy OTM options and its not gobbled up by big traders.

I am not sure I understand. This practise of having a band for strikes has been in place for more than 18 months now.

What is different?


Yes any new post by Zerodha or bulletin?