L&T to buy stake in Mindtree


As we know that Mindtree’s war against L&T’ decision to acquire shares (from coffeday owner)… Mindtree promoters are against L&T’s decision …trying to oppose these transaction… action continues…buyback… etc

What differnce it makes if L&T buys shares via market order? Otherthan buying from any shareholder


@Muniz.Reza Most of the things should be clear by evening of 26 march which is tomorrow .L&T has to give a Detailed Public Statement (DPS) which will give information like stake already purchased ,in process from market and open offer price with revision if any plus tentative schedule of offer.this will appear in morning newspapers.
Same day Mindtree too has called a board meeting (after postponing it ) and surely it will take notice of L&T dps .