Lack of hedging F&O advantage in Zerodha

Suppose I have a option sell strategy of 2lakhs on month expiry and to reduce the margin, if I want to hedge using weekly expiry far OTM, Zerodha doesn’t allow buying the hedge before selling. Moreover, on the day of weekly expiry, if I want to move the hedge to next week expiry, Zerodha doesn’t allow to buy new hedge first and then exit the previous hedge. It gives error that “I need to have open short position to buy far OTM”. But then if I exit the existing hedge first then try to buy the new next week hedge,the margin goes negative and doesn’t allow me to buy the hedge even though there is no cost. We need to put full margin for the short position and the advantage of margin benefit due to hedging is lost. It would be best if Zerodha can allow buying the next week hedge only every Thursdays even with existing week hedge in place for a short position. Do I miss anything there? Is there a better way?

Nothing can happen in zerodha as of now. They are busy elsewhere.
Wait for fyers to bring in this feature.
Go with icici, ibkr etc. But they charge way more margin - like 30-40% more on positional trades.


Do you think 5paise and samco are better ?

I dunno. Plz check and update here as well. Thanks