Last 30 Minutes average price for F&O

In equity segment, NSE provides closing price of a scrip (average of last 30 min) immediately, where as same is not provided for F&O immediately. I Understand that there is closing market for Equity segment and not for F&O. Still why closing price is not provided for F&O immediately when every thing is computer calculated.

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Hi Hpreddy…in equity segment the closing is accurately updated by 3:40 PM and not immediately. I’m assuming the same is true for F&O.

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May be your trading window has some delayed repsonse I believe.

Sharp @ 3:40 pm closing prices of EQ and FnO are declared by NSE. Please check some other sites of these values after 3:40 pm


Closing market/post market session in equities has nothing to do with closing price. Closing price is already calculated before the post market session opens. In post market session (which opens at 3:40) trades will only happen at the closing price, no other prices are allowed.

If you are buying the equity around 3:20 to 3:30 pm, check whether the trend in last 30 mins uptrend or not.

  • If downtrend you get better market prices, go ahead and buy.
  • if uptrend, check whether you can buy the equity at the closing price in post session which is the average price of last 30 mins, you may get a better price than CMP.

Yes Karthik is correct