Latest expections from Zerodha

Hi Nitin… please share your planings for Zerodha…and please do inform us on latest expections from Zerodha in advance.

The main focus currently is moving our vendor out and bring all the backoffice/trade process in-house. Once done, we will launch the new Q, with super cool reporting tools. Answering your other question, not just twice a day, but we are working on being able to give out instant payouts in a few months from now.

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@nithin Will the new Q have the same UI and features? Or there could be reduction in reports and functionality in exchange of server efficiency and stability? Also, any new features to expect in Q?

Everything about the new Q is different. Stability wise, once we move the backoffice process in house shouldn’t be an issue. Don’t want to end up sounding like over promise under deliver, :slight_smile: let the features be a surprise.