Lessons for trading with borrowed Money

Taking Calculated Risk is Good for Life and Growth. Taking huge risk which we can’t bear will pressurise us and in that pressure chances are more to make mistakes which leads to further disaster.

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Small child very sad when hear about such incidents,last time i read somewhere few years back someone from mumbai borrowed 5 crores and lost it and he commit suicide

Lets hope no family gets into this situation

Very Sad. One more sad reminder that;

Trading is a cruel game. Markets r brutal. When mkt turns against trader. Only thing to do is to cut loss and run. Logical reasoning, hope, prayer does nothing in markets.


@venkatzerodha Pardon me but I think, Hope, prayer does not work, but I am sure logic with money management works over the long term.

Ok good luck with logically arguing with markets.

There is a famous saying that markets can stay irrational longer than investors can stay solvent.


Actually This Guy was working with Broker named xxFL and borrowed heavily from relatives and friends who don’t know anything about traading
He not only committed suicide, also killed His Aunt and her Daughter by giving poison who gave huge money after selling their home.

Even if you are not trading then Don’t lend money to your relative or Friends who wanted to Trade with That. You can help him for paying School Fees or an EMI but not lend for Trading.

Lesson :

  1. Never Borrow Money for Trading.
  2. If you take money from Your Savings Account means It too is Borrowed Money.
  3. Treat Trading Capital as Expense with respect to your personal Finances. This will reduce Fear.
    For. Example if you visit a Mall and spend and You will never expect or think to recover it. Because you are prepared for that Expense,
    Treat your Trading Capital in the same line means nothing should happen to you if lose that capital.
  4. Pledging Shares and Trading with That Capital is also Borrowing.
  5. Using Margin Facility of Broker for Trading is Also borrowing.

Avoid Trading with Borrowed Money. Many are asking about using money by pledging shares. that is bad idea and indiscipline.
Don’t be over confident about yourself. Long Term Play is more important than Short Term Huge Profits
If you Betting Big on any position Ask This Question " Why the other side person is talking opposite Position " ? Whether he is Squaring of His Position of Taking Fresh Positions ?
If taking Fresh Positions Why they are doing ? If Squaring of Then What Does it Mean ?

What I learned Yesterday is @kamuthi posted about BankNifty 24100PE to watch. I took trade in that without any thinking. Though it is small
That kind of Impulse Trading should be avoided. He was correct in his position I was in Opposite side. Lost 2600.
That I took as Lottery. But that was mistake that will work only in CE side not PE side on Expiry Days.
You can See BankNifty 24500CE.


Hi…, Looks u have wrongly mentioned me in this. I dont have any idea about Bank Nifty. and hope i never posted anything related to Bank nifty. Anyway u have conveyed good message.