Lessons of retail day trading

Well, at present I am not trading Options. I am a paid subscriber of “marketsmojo”. As you may be aware, they have a model portfolio. I am replicating that in Zerodha (equity delivery – CNC) but still not satisfied with the result.

Now I am preparing “Paper Trading” using “Sensibull”. After 6 months of Paper Trading, I will decide whether Trade with real money or not!

What is your opinion?

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I think you r in the right path. Just follow the trend set by macd and moving average together in a 5 min chart. If both trending in same direction then do the trade for 50 paise to 1 rupee gain which eventually take 2 minutes to 5 minutes. Choose hight volatility stocks. In this case, you have to buy atleast 500 to 1000 shares (as per price of share) to get some kind of profit. It is something close to scalping.


Liar, that’s me! How did you the 15 stages of what I have been through? Except step 9 I have faced all these mentioned above.

Yes and I wish to continue too.

Those were free webinars and seminars… never went to any paid ones.

Most of the points you mention took me back in time to my initial years around 2003. You are no doubt in the right path and hopefully you are improving month on month. I dont know if you are spending every second bw 9 to 330 in front of the terminal or multi tasking like 99% of retail traders, if full time then 3 years is more than enough to take a call if your personality and temperament suits trading as main source of bread and butter. I hope you are getting closer to making that decision. Contrary to what most people opine day trading can be a wonderful full time career choice PROVIDED you set realistic expectations & modest targets. Most people i talk to start comparing what they would have earned if they were in other fields and try to match trading to that within just a few months of starting out and needless to say market filters them out soon enough :slight_smile:

However if you respect the markets and slog it out every trading minute, the benefits far outweigh peer professions. Be it work from home or lesser number of hours or you are the master of yourself kind of stuff :slight_smile:

Good luck !