Limit market order in spreads

This may seem a very trivial question but I need to clarify this as I couldn’t find a good resource that elaborates about it in detail. Let’s say I want to make a put debit spread in Nifty. I have 50K in my account, and the strategy requires ~20K (thank to the margin benefits) to execute the trade. Check the screenshot below

  1. If I place the market order, then the strategy execute immediately but most of the times, I end up taking the spread at very different price than I expect.
  2. If I put a limit order, most of the times the sell order doesn’t complete and get rejected saying “insufficient funds”.

I always place buy order at a price higher than the top bid, and sell order less than the current top sell bid. For example, in this case I would have placed the order at 57 and 7.

My questions:

  1. Is there a better way to ensure that the spread is executed without any order getting rejected?
  2. What is the time limit between the buy order and the sell order to get the margin benefits?
  3. How to avoid slippage if my lot size is, say 100, for each option
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