Limit on Open Interest position?


I read this from NSE website,

" Index Options
The position limits of Trading members / FPIs (Category I & II) / Mutual Funds in equity index option contracts is higher of Rs.500 crores or 15% of the total open interest in the market in equity index option contracts. This limit would be applicable on open positions in all option contracts on a particular underlying index "

So lets say for Nifty 16 June expiry. The total OI for 17,000 call is 30 lakh. So does this mean that one trader cannot hold more then 15% of 30 lakh which is 4.5 lakh at any time ?? Can a trader hold 10 lakh out of 30 lakh total OI on “one particular strike”??

or is this 15% limit for the combined OI for all the strikes on Nifty 50 index??

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The 15% Open Interest limit is on Trading Members ie. brokers, FPIs, MFs, etc. The client-wise open interest limit is 5%. What this means is, a single individual cannot hold more than 5% of the total open interest on any future or option contract. So if the open interest is 1 lakh lots, you cannot hold more than 5000 lots in that contract.


When will this limit go away? Is there any possibility in the near future?

what if one person has account with two different brokers ?? then he can hold 5% position with one broker, and another 5% position with second broker , for a total of 10% with the two brokers?? Will this be possible ??