Limit order in f&o


dear sir
i would like to know about limit order in exiting a position.

for example i have bought an option say pe @premium of 300 and it turned into green and it went high 800
and if i want to exit at 750 can i exit position by clicking exit—> and then click on limit . and enter 750 . will that work??
and sometimes in fin nifty i prefer sl but its not triggering. so i used limit order downside today and trade got exit. is that ok?
all these days i thought limit orders are for only upside target

will it work on all index f&0 ??

appreciate ur response.

Yes, this does work. A limit order allows you to buy or sell at the price specified for a better price. Since you will be placing buy limit order below the current market price, it will execute at best available price in the market but not beyond the price specified. You can lean more on how the limit orders work here.