Limit Order using Basket Feature

I was looking out to create a basket of some stocks which are only allowed to have a limit order.

I wish to do SIP on that basket bt their order value doesn’t get updated in basket.

Do anyone have a workaround for this?

Try smallcase. you can create custom portfolios there and do SIPs.

Can you provide more details on this?

I have created multiple basket, one of them contains only REITs and using zerodha I have made SIP on that basket.

For other SIP, works well since they are at market price. Whereas for REITs are only allowed at Limit price, If this basket SIP executes the share price never updates itself with current price. After the day od pending order it ultimately fails.

Hope it helps if not I will attach screenshots

Hello @ShubhS9 , can we do something about this??

Since REITs have lower liquidity the market orders are not allowed for them. When your SIP is triggered, as you’re using limit order, it’ll only execute at the price specified for a better price, until then the order will remain pending and will be if not executed by end of the day. You can check how the limit order works here: What are limit and market orders?

One alternative is to set buy limit order above the CMP, once this is triggered, it’ll execute at the price specified or better price (at price mentioned or a lower price). Essentially using limit order like a market order. More on this here: How to use limit order as a market order?