Link to Excel not working in Zerodha

I tried using the option Link to Excel from my Market Watch in Pi, though it is opening the excel file with the formulas like =RTD(“pi.rtdserver”, ,“NSE_ACC-EQ”, “TradingSymbol”), the value is displayed as N.A,

What is the reason, please explain. Am I supposed to install anything additional.

BTW, I am using the latest version of Pi

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you might be using 64 bit version of ms office or excel.
RTD() will give NA when we using 64 bit version , as pi supports 32 bit version of ms office.
just uninstall 64 bit and install 32 bit version of ms office


hahaha…what a response…don’t you have any other solution? this is a very important thing & even i tried but it failed. It would be great if zerodha can provide a simple solution so that we can get Pi realtime data into amibroker.

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I faced same problem. Open both Pi and excel as administrator. Double click on each symbol in Pi market watchlist.Then only data will reflect in excel.

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Is there a way to use 64bit Excel with Pi ?


Hi Nithin / Siva,

Is there a possibility of support for 64 bit Excel linking with Pi?

Is there any way to link pi with 64bit excel

@siva can Pi be linked to 64 bit Excel?

Pi exe is 32 bit system, it is not possible to link 64 bit excel with pi

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how can i change 64 bit to 32 bit.

i brought new laptop … so my confirgation is high still not working … i have licence version of excel … what should i do ?

my computer is 64 bit windows 10 .
it supports both : 32 bit and 64 bit . NEST trader .

i know for 64 bit nest ; i need 64 bit excel and for 32 bit nest ; i need 32 bit excel .
my question is : what is the difference between if i trade with 32 bit nest or 64 bit nest .

differences as to : time , speed , performance , order execution , link to excel data reflection , basket order , market watch price updates etc etc etc

is there any difference ?