Link to excel stops refreshing after a while

Hi, the Link to excel stops refreshing the excel file after a while.

The normal behavior is the spreadsheet displays at the bottom task notification bar “Calculating …” flashes every 2 seconds
When the stop refresh / disconnect with Pi happens there is no more “Calculating …” flash every 2 seconds and the RTD cells do not show updated prices

The solution is to save and reopen the excel file after which everything is fine again for some 10 minutes, after which the disconnect takes place again.

Please check the above and advise any known solution or procedure to collect any log files for further investigation


If excel is stopped working after sometime, might be so many reasons,
is any marcos program running along with your excel? also check the registry issues of ms excel, you can also check by re-installation your ms office

Ok thanks will check registry and re-installation
Can you let me know whether =RTD(“pi.rtdserver” is causing the every 2 second recalculation?