Liquid bees and NIFTY option

Is the following possible in Intraday?

At 9.16 am Sell Liquid bees. Use the proceeds to day trade NIFTY option (Buy and then Sell). At 3.20 pm again buy back liqud bees.

Proceeds from the pledge can not be used for buying options. So, can i use above work around. Is it possible? Ofcourse at the eod, you need to have cash only for compensating losses in day.

Yep possible to do this. If you lose any money, you will not be able to buy back the liquidbees of the same quantity though.

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Hi @nithin What will be the charges for doing intraday buying and selling of liquidbees daily…

hmm… 0.01% with a maximum of Rs 20 per order. But why would you want to do intraday trading on this? The price always remains at 1000.

Thanks for the reply @nithin I was looking at the above idea… Selling in the morning to use the money for trading and then buying back EOD